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Funky Friday Script - Auto Play | Finish Obby (RB Battles)


Funky Friday Script - Auto Play | Finish Obby (RB Battles) If you're a fan of Funky Friday on Roblox, then you know just how challenging it can be to complete the various obby levels. But fear not, because we have a script that will make it a breeze! With our Funky Friday Auto Play script, you can automatically complete each level, ensuring that you always come out on top. Whether you're competing in the RB Battles or just trying to beat your high score, this script will give you a leg up. So don't waste any more time struggling to complete those tricky obbies – get our Funky Friday Auto Play script today and start dominating the game! The Funky Friday Script is an exciting new tool for gamers who love playing Roblox games. With it, you can automate your gameplay and streamline your experience. The Auto Play feature is particularly useful, as it allows you to set up a series of inputs that will seamlessly execute without you having to do anything. In addition, the Finish Obby (RB Battles) feature is perfect for players who are struggling to get past a certain obstacle or challenge. Overall, this script is an excellent way to enhance your enjoyment of Roblox games and take your skills to the next level. So if you are a passionate gamer looking to elevate your Roblox experience, the Funky Friday Script is a must-have tool!