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8Crafter's Entity Scale, NBT, and Behavior Modifier, Bossbar, and Morph Addon v.1.8.0


Version 1.8.0 (for 1.20.80). This is an addon that lets you change entity scale, summon all of the secret mobs and entities that normally are not summonable like players, ender pearls, shields, tridents, eye of ender signals, etc. It also allows you to change the max health of an entity, change its lava, water, and ground speeds, make it into an NPC, change what types of blocks that it can breathe in, give it a bossbar, make it into a minecart, and even make it immune to damage or even invincible to /kill (Note: All of these also do work on players too).You can also change and also even increase the maximum speed of a minecart. You can also morph into other mobs and entities. You can also tint the color of a player's skin and even make it partially transparent. You can change a plyer's name tags. This addon also adds custom arrows, TNT cannons, snowball launchers, etc.